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Sal Deniz, Jr in front of the computer he uses for computer programming.

Always having been captivated by technology, Sal began developing his interest in programming from a very young age. He started by making websites that furthered his hobbies and interests, particularly in the gaming communities, and taught himself to create programs for the online communities of big name games like Starcraft, Ultima Online, and World of Warcraft. Sal enjoys learning about the latest web technologies on his spare time, and he particularly is interested in programming science-based games. Currently he is the programmer for a gamified online learning platform called Termling. He recently earned a Computer Programming A.S. degree and Certificate of Achievement in Computer Progrmaming from Long Beach City College.


Sal Deniz, Jr at three years old playing Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Ask Sal, and the first thing he will tell you about himself is that he is a gamer. A true nerd of the RPG gaming world, his favorite games are Starcraft, Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 7, Diablo 3, and Minecraft. He will readily tell you that he probably has spent too much of his time in the online world of Ultima Online and World of Warcraft, but through this dedication he was able to build a foundation for his passion and even build this experience into something productive and positive for his life. Sal saw the potential for strong community building within gaming as he was himself immersed in it, and seeks to use this potential to progress learning, science, and the gaming and business world. Even now with his busy adult schedule, Sal loves keeping up with new games and gaming trends. One of his favorite ways to relax is to turn on a game on Twitch and kick back to watch!


Sal Deniz, Jr in microbiology laboratory.

Currently, Sal holds multiple degrees in the sciences ranging from Biological Sciences A.S. and Physical Sciences A.S. from Long Beach City College, and a degree in Developmental and Cell Biology B.S. from University of California, Irvine. He also has extensive background experience in working in research laboratories accrued from his undergraduate experience. Through his experiences in academic science, Sal has really built up an appreciation for the subjects and the significance it has in innovation. He believes that science is a crucial field for development of societies, and his goal is to increase societal interest in the sciences by making it more accessible and relatable to everyone.


Sal Deniz, Jr. at a park in Long Beach, CA.

Even as a young child, Sal has always had a knack at making companies, like ones hosting game sites to ones selling different games. He always had a good grasp of the importance of good budgeting and financing, and this lead to his pursuit of his current degree of Business A.A. with a marketing concentration from Long Beach City College, which he will complete in the Spring of 2016. He is also working towards a Certificate of Accomplishment in Foundations of Business, Foundation of Marketing, and Money and Banking to be finished at the same time as his degree. Being interested in business and entrepreneurship has really taught Sal the importance of hard work in pursuit of big dreams, and he plans to start up De Knovo Technology, LLC. in January 2016. Through this company, Sal seeks to develop applications and games that blends learning and gaming to help students achieve their academic goals all the while immersing them in the gaming experience. Through his business ventures, Sal is able to merge all of his interests and strengths to create products that will help others.